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Qatar Metro - Dewatering

The scope involved the de-watering of the site to enable construction to be carried out in dry, in safe conditions utilizing a deep well dewatering system.

Analytical calculations and Computer modeling was conducted to refine the dewatering system design, in order to come up with an optimised cost effective solution. An engineered solution in terms of design, installation, operation and 24 hour maintenance was provided successfully. ACTION designed a dewatering system for sufficient deep wells around the area of the excavation to achieve the desired drawdown. The system supplied complete with pumps with standby units, power supply system, control panels with suitable alarm system and 24hr monitoring team. The Dewatering system was designed to provide a dry platform for the main contractor to work in at all times. The discharge was carried out through HDPE pipes directly to the sea. There were booster systems stationed along the HDPE pipe for the provision of encountering excess flows in the discharge system. Where there were road crossings for the HDPE discharge line, a NDHC was done under the road.

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