Marine & Offshore Services

ACTION's Marine & Offshore services covers everything from Marine Growth Removal & Surface Preperation of Rigs during maintenance, to Vessel Ballasting.

Our equipment is designed and certified to operate in the most challenging environments under the supervision of our expert offshore technicians.

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Our Services

  • Vessel Ballasting

    Ballasting or de-ballasting is a process by which sea water is taken in and out of the ship when the ship is at the port or at the sea. 


    Ballast or ballast water is sea water carried by a vessel in its ballast tanks to ensure its trim, stability and structural integrity. Ballast tanks are constructed in ships with piping system and high capacity ballast pumps to carry out the operation.


    ACTION's custom built ballasting pumps have proven to increase efficiency.

  • Marine Growth Removal

    Continuous buildup of marine growth can detrimentally impact the design, performance and every safety parameters of underwater pipelines, offshore platforms, vessels etc.


    With tailored solutions, and the use of an extensive fleet of high flow and high pressure pumps, along with chemical injection pumps (to be used as required, in line with authority regulations) ACTION is well equipped to handle all marine growth removal requirements.

  • Cold Cutting

    Cold cutting allows you to cut and chamfer your piping without generating flames or sparks in your system, which prevents any potential ignition, and is useful when carrying out works involving potential residual gases contained inside out-of-service lines.

    ACTION's equipment and personnel are well suited to carrying out cold cutting works.

  • Hydro - Demolition

    Hydro-demolition is a concrete removal technique which utilizes high-pressure water to remove deteriorated and sound concrete as well as asphalt and grout.


    This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications. Hydro-demolition is not used as much for demolition as it is for surface restoration and protection projects.

    It can be used for horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete removal and surface preparation on reinforced and non-reinforced structures.


    It is effective in removing concrete from around embedded metal elements such as reinforcing steel, expansion joints, anchorages, conduits, shear connectors, and shear studs.


    Hydro-demolition can be used for localized removals where deterioration is confined to small areas and for large area removals in preparation for a bonded overlay. This technology can also be used to remove existing coatings from concrete.

    ACTION has a specialized fleet and vast experience in performing these services.

  • Surface Preparation

    ACTION has the equipment and know-how to perform surface preparation activities with the following key benefits:

    • Eliminates Dust

    • Can de-grease and blast clean in single step

    • Can produce a wide variety of finishes including delicate or extremely fine finishes

    • Eliminates media impingement

    • Reduces or eliminates warping

    • Produces a very deeply cleaned surface without chemicals

    • Laminar flow of abrasive medium can hone and deburr surfaces

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