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The novel coronavirus is putting much of the world on hold. Contributing to the global approach to combat COVID-19, we at ACTION have made a commitment to ensure and prioritize the health and safety of our employees, family, clients and visitors by minimizing direct interaction.

Message to Our Customers

Dear Valued Customer,

In these uncertain and rapidly changing times, I am confident that as we continue to work together and take decisive action, communicate frequently and most importantly, protect the health and safety of all our employees, we will endure and overcome any obstacles.

On behalf of the whole team at ACTION, I wanted to let you know what we’re working hard to protect the health and safety of your team and ours while continuing to provide equipment and services through the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to actively monitor the situation, and make decisions based on the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO), Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local government agencies for further country-specific initiatives.

ACTION maintains a Business Continuity Plan that addresses readiness and response with a view to minimising business disruption. Specifically, we have put in place the following measures:


  1. We have been working diligently to ensure the safety of all our employees and are working with our suppliers, customers and other partners to share the actions we have taken and learn from the best practices of others.

  2. Implemented travel restrictions including all travel for internal and third-party meetings by adopting technology solutions.

  3. Implemented thermal monitoring for all staff entering all ACTION facilities

  4. Segregation of our work teams to minimise the risk of transmission.

  5. Implemented contingency plans to enable home working where as possible.

  6. Strengthened our remote monitoring of our asset and system performance, minimising the need for physical presence on-site while maintaining visibility on performance.

  7. Coached our employees so that they are fully aware of the COVID-19 symptoms and take appropriate and timely action if necessary.

  8. Supply our sites with necessary material (masks or other personal protective equipment, sanitizer, etc.) to follow infection control protocols.

  9. Reviewing our external supply chain to ensure continuity of products and services.

  10. We have created an addition to our website, as a place for us to provide updates, advisories and additional information on the COVID-19 situation.

  11. We have also created a dedicated email address for you to submit questions, comments and requests: If you have any specific requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your account manager/representative who will be happy to help.

We appreciate that this is an unsettling time and want to assure you that we are here to help limit the impact of COVID-19 on your operations. We work hard to deliver the service you have come to expect and are committed to ensuring business continuity through this time.

Please take care and stay safe.



Steps ACTION is taking

  1. Office, yard and camp temperature monitoring.  

  2. Screening of visitors

  3. Food deliveries are stopped at the gates for collection.

  4. Parcel deliveries are stopped at the gates if the parcel is hand carry.

  5. Drivers of equipment deliveries or pick are being instructed to stay in their cabs.

  6. Sanitizing of equipment in the yards

  7. Sanitizing equipment as it arrives in the yard

  8. Constant Training and Coaching

  9. Employee advice on cleaning & sanitizing desks/workspaces

  10. Drivers advised on sanitizing vehicles and buses.

  11. Offices and camps are being sanitized regularly during the day.

  12. Training for cleaners on deep-cleaning offices/camps

  13. Hand Sanitizers have been placed in all the Action facilities including sites.

Training and Coaching

883 hours of COVID-19 training provided to our employees and our 3rd party contractors

1851 coaching sessions conducted on sites on the following topics:​

  • Contagious Disease (COVID-19)

  • Social Distancing

  • Vehicle hygiene

  • Workspace hygiene

Social Distancing & Isolation

Social Distancing

Social distancing measures are steps you can take to reduce social interaction between people. This will help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. So this is what anyone who is not displaying any symptoms should be practicing. It means that you should not be in any large gatherings or groups and maintain your distance from others. So do not go to the cinema, restaurants, pubs, Shisha Café’s, Café’s or even your friend’s house.


  1. Maintain a minimum 2 meters distance between yourself and another human.  

  2. Do go outside as fresh air and exercise is still important. So go for a walk, run or ride a bike. But remember to maintain the minimum distance from others.

  3. Stay away from friends’ houses for dinner.  Keep any visit to one person and for short durations. Remember to maintain the minimum distance and wash/sanitize your hands on arrivals and when you/they leave.

  4. Stay away from the gym, unless you can guarantee you can maintain the minimum distance.

  5. Shopping, only shop for your essentials, ie; groceries. Try to minimise the visits and shop online too. But do not hoard, there is no need. 

  6. For your older family members, try not to visit them use the telephone or whatsapp. The elderly are a high risk group.

  7. Limit physical contact, handshakes, hugs, kisses. Always maintain minimum distance.

Social (self) Isolation

Social Isolation is far stricter. It has been put in place in a number of countries around the world.  First and foremost, if you show any symptoms you should isolate. This is in an attempt to “flatten the curve”, which is to slow the rate of infections and thus help prevent the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed.

  1. If any of your family members or roommates has COVID-19 then you should self-Isolate.

  2. Self-isolation is a must for the most vulnerable people ie; over 70 years old or anyone with underlying health conditions should practice self-isolation.

  3. In self-isolation you must totally avoid face to face contact.

  4. Self-isolation could be for longer periods of time.


Be mindful of people in isolation for longer periods of time as they can experience depression, isolation and loneliness.  This is where social media and the internet can really be helpful and play an important part in keeping your family and friends from getting depressed.




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