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ACTION began it's journey in the Construction industry over 23 years ago.

Having played key roles in some of the region's most iconic projects, the ACTION brand has become synonymous with ground water control. 

ACTION continue to provide engineered solutions alongside an extensive rental fleet to the Construction industry.

Our Services

  • Ground Dewatering 

    ACTION provides a complete dewatering solution for projects of various scopes. We engineer solutions using the latest modeling techniques and technology, while considering the project schedule, health, safety and environment.

    From ground water modelling, through to the operation of sump pumping systems/wellpoint systems/deepwell systems, ACTION is a one stop shop for all ground water control requirements.

  • Fluid Transfer (Overpumping)

    Overpumping is a critical element of many rehab projects. Temporary overpumping systems are used to transfer water supplies from water clogging area / standing water resources, so that these vital services are uninterrupted during construction.

    Overpumping is performed using self-priming centrifugal pumps, hydraulic-driven submersible pumps or electrical-driven submersible pumps, connected to high density polyethylene (HDPE) lines, capable of delivering extremely high flow rates if necessary. 

    ACTION has an extremely diverse fleet, alongside qualified engineers with extensive expertise in overpumping applications.

  • Sheet Piling

    Sheet piling is an earth retention and excavation support technique that retains soil, using steel sheet sections with interlocking edges. Sheet piles are installed in sequence to design depth along the planned excavation perimeter or seawall alignment.


    ACTION has the fleet and expertise required to install and remove sheet piling across the different terrains.

    ACTION also has specialized trenching machines, to facilitate trenching services suitable for cable laying, pipe laying etc.

  • Grouting

    In some scenarios, grouting is the preferred method used to carry out dewatering activity.

    Grouting  refers to the injection of pump-able materials into a soil or rock formation to change its physical characteristics. Grouting is suitable where soil permeability would create a heavy demand on pumping or where ground conditions mean it may be economically inefficient to bore wells.

    ACTION's engineering capability, experience and fleet capacity are well suited to performing grouting works effectively. 

  • Anchoring

    Ground anchors consisting of cables or rods connected to a bearing plate are often used for the stabilization of steep slopes or slopes consisting of softer soils, as well as the enhancement of embankment or foundation soil capacity, or to prevent excessive erosion and landslides.


    ACTION have the required assets and expertise to undertake ground anchoring activities across the region.

  • Hydro - Demolition

    Hydro-demolition is a concrete removal technique which utilizes high-pressure water to remove deteriorated and sound concrete as well as asphalt and grout. This process provides an excellent bonding surface for repair material and new coating applications.


    Hydro-demolition is not used as much for demolition as it is for surface restoration and protection projects.
    It can be used for horizontal, vertical, and overhead concrete removal and surface preparation on reinforced and non-reinforced structures.


    It is effective in removing concrete from around embedded metal elements such as reinforcing steel, expansion joints, anchorages, conduits, shear connectors, and shear studs.


    Hydro-demolition can be used for localized removals where deterioration is confined to small areas and for large area removals in preparation for a bonded overlay. This technology can also be used to remove existing coatings from concrete.

    ACTION has a specialized fleet and vast experience in performing these services.

  • Monitoring & Control

    Action provides advanced, remote monitoring, control and automation solutions for various fluid applications that could reduce manpower costs and avoid human monitoring errors at sites. These solutions also enhance the visibiity and site awareness among the stake holders of the project.

  • System Flushing

    ACTION are experts in the fields of Plant, Network and Building Flushing.

    ACTION’s purpose built fleet, innovative flushing technology (live reporting and remote monitoring and control), extensive experience in tackling some of the most complex flushing jobs in the region and thorough understanding of industry guidelines and best practices , a direct positive impact on overall project timelines and profitability.

  • HDPE Works

    Offering a turnkey solution, ACTION can complete all pipeline services from Design and Construct to Installation - including Earthworks and Dewatering. Works range from emergency repairs, shutdowns and maintenance upgrades, through to complete piping system installations.

    All personnel are qualified, professional welders and all welding for our HDPE piping systems is performed in accordance with thoroughly developed quality standards. All weld parameters are calculated and recorded on weld logs, and all work performed under ACTION’s accredited safety management system.

    ACTION’s state of the art welding equipment reduces on site manpower requirements and improves productivity.

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