Environmental Services

ACTION's environmental services focus on treatment solutions for water, soil and air.

Catering to a multitude of sectors, ACTION designs, installs and operates treatment plants (including but not limited to clarifiers, desalination/de-mineralized water plants, air scrubbers and industrial waste systems).

Our Services

  • Desalination/RO

    ACTION maintains a rental fleet of containerised RO units, as well as supplying bespoke desalination plants.

    With source waters ranging from low salinity well water through to full sea water, Action has the expertise to design and build units tailored to fit the situation.  From low brackish units providing drinking water to cattle farms, through to full two-stage sea water desalination plants providing 350m3/hr of ultra-low salinity water, Action has a long track record of desalination.

  • Suspended Solid Treatment

    The system choice for solids filtration is critical and depends upon the particle size, density and the quantity (loading) in the waste stream.


    ACTION work closely with laboratories to understand the particle size and total amount of solids in a sample and provide the most effective and cost economical method for removal.

    ACTION's fleet includes a TSS removal kit comprising of Advanced Lamellae Clarifiers, Bag Filters and Disc Filters.

  • Groundwater Remediation

    • Groundwater Hydrocarbon

    • Contamination Assessment and

    • Testing Free-Phase Removal

    • (ATEX) Pump and Treat Systems

    • In-Situ Remediation

  • Phase Separation

    Colloidal suspensions, emulsions and dissolved gases provide specific challenges in filtration technologies.


    Other, more intractable separation challenges often require physical or chemical input to complete the process.


    There are many separation techniques available, depending upon the nature of the components.

    ACTION provides bespoke solutions for phase separation applications.

  • Industrial Treatment

    Industries - from aluminium smelting through to food production, have a diverse range of requirements for water treatment.


    Industries often require water of better quality than Municipal water for their manufacturing processes. The waste stream from industry can also be contaminated and require treatment prior to discharge to the environment or the Municipal waste system.


    Issues can be complex and diverse, therefore a "one solution fits all" approach isn't particularly useful.

    ACTION provides bespoke solutions for industrial waste applications.

  • Produced/Waste Water Treatment

    Produced water from the hydrocarbon industry is an increasing issue in the GCC region. As oil reservoirs age and oil is extracted the water cut increases, produced water needs to be treated prior to disposal or re-injection.


    With a range of contaminants from emulsified oil through to heavy metals, the treatment solution tends to be bespoke, albeit with certain industry standard technologies.

    ACTION will provide a system designed specifically for the chemistry of the water, utilizing such technologies as:

    • Induced Gas Flotation

    • Walnut Shell Filters

    • Electro-coagulation

    • Ultraviolet Sterilization 

    • Engineered Wetlands

Associated Fleet

Other Industries

  • Pipeline & Process

  • Marine & Offshore

  • Industrial

  • Construction

  • Municipal

  • Rental &



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