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Rental & Sale

Among the evergrowing fleet of assets described below, ACTION has the region’s most varied and vast pump fleet, suiting a wide range of applications.


ACTION provides the latest technology in equipment and services to every industry. With individual project requirements in mind, our specialists are on hand to advise and assist you when it comes to choosing the optimal solution.

Storage Solutions
Power & Air Solutions

Metal Halide Lamp Output (kW): 4 x 400
Power Requirement Starting (kva @ V): 3 @ 220
Power Requirement Operational (kva @ V): 1.6 @ 220
Mast Height (m): 7

Max Operational Wind Speed (kph): 110
Full Erection Time (sec): 45
Lighting Coverage (m @ 20 Lux): 720

Input (V @ Hz): 400 @ 50
Maximum Cable Load (kg): 3000

Maximum Wind Stability (km/h): 80
Floodlight Power (kW): 4 x 1000

Metal Halide Lamp Output (Watt): 4x 1000
Power Generation (kva @ V):10 @ 240
Lighting Coverage (m @20 lux): 4500
Hydraulic Mast Height & Rotation (m): 9/360

Max Operational Wind Speed (kp/h): 110
Full Erection Time (sec): 60
Engine Performance (hp @ rpm): 13.7 @ 1500

Tube Bundle Cleaning

Capacity: Non Shock:  40/45 TON.

Width: 1400 mm

Length: 8000 / 11000 mm

Max. Bundle Length: 8000 / 11000 mm

Max. Tube Sheet Diameter: 2000 / 5000 mm

Lance Speed: 0 - 1 M/Sec (0 - 39” /Sec)

Lance Bed Movement: 60 Cm (24”)

Forward Thrust:120 Kg/Lance (Standard)

Horse Power: 33 HP

Max. Capacity :  1.64 HP at 380 RPM

Min. Air Pressure: 4.0 bar

Max. Air Pressure: 6.3 bar

Air Consumption: 30 - 40 l/s (with standard air motors)

Cleaning Speed: 0.1 m/sec. - up to 150 cm/sec.

Max. Pull/Push Strength: ~1500 N.

Water Pressure :2800 bar.

Number of Nozzles: 3 

Max. Pressure:  1000 Bar.

Jet lance Horizontal Travel : 9500 mm

Jet Lance Vertical Travel:  1580 mm

Jet Lance Cross Travel:  1000 mm

Horse Power:  11 HP

Hydraulic System:  27 l/min - 200 bar

Flow Capacities (m³/hr) : 500

Max working pressure: 10bar

Inlet x outlet Sizes (Inches): 10” ANSI #150 FLANGED.

Filtration Rate: 4,000 microns

Material: CS

Skid Mounted with Four Point

Fitted with Bleed Valves and Pressure Gauges

Flow Capacities (m³/hr): 1000

Max working pressure: 10bar

Inlet x outlet Sizes (Inches): 16” PN10 FLANGED.

Filtration Rate: 50-30,000 microns

Material: CI / SS

Skid Mounted

Fitted with Bleed Valves and Pressure Gauges

Flow Capacities (m³/hr): 50 /500 /1000

No. of Bags – 1 /12/ 24

Max working pressure Bar: 10

Inlet x outlet Sizes (Inches): 6” /8”/12”ANSI #150 FLANGED.

Filtration Rate: 0.1 – 100 microns

Material: CS / SS

Skid Mounted with Four Point Lifting.

Fitted with Bleed Valves and Pressure Gauges

High Brackish / Sea Water Reverse Osmosis

Permeate Volumes:


1,500 m3 / day (high brackish)

900 m3 day (sea water)


System Comprises:

Media Filter container (40’)

Cartridge Filter and Chemical Dosing Container (40’)

Reverse Osmosis container (40’)

Flow  Capacity:  50m3 / 100 m3  /hr

Max working pressure: 2.5 bar


Containerised: 50m3/hr – 10’ container

                                100m3/hr – 20’ container

Filtration:  Media dependant

Filtration Solutions

Discharge: Upto 6500 m3/Hr.

Head: Upto 194 metres.

Solids Handling: 114 mm Dia.

Discharge: Upto 1100 m3/Hr.

Head: Upto 400 metres.

Solids Handling: 20mm Dia.

Discharge: Upto 6500 m3/Hr.

Head: Upto  24 metres.

Solids Handling: 133 mm Dia.

Discharge: Upto 3500 m3/Hr.

Head: Upto 115 metres.

Solids Handling: 5mm Dia.

Discharge: Upto 540 m3/Hr.

Head: Upto 90 metres.

Pressure: Upto 40,000 PSI (2750 bar)

Discharge: Upto 20 m3/hr.

  • Available in 10 / 20 / 40 ft. sizes

  • 50 Micron filter stainless steel screen mesh available on certain models.

  • Dividers available on certain models.

  • Valves and Manifold installed as required

  • Guard primer interior lining 8 mm plate in the floor, 6 mm on walls and ends

  • actionCUBE – Versatile

  • SiteCube – Versatile

  • BlueCube – Dual Fuel Tank

  • FuelTainer – Versatile

  • FuelPod – Versatile

  • actionCUBE – Road Tow

  • Available in different sizes for site office and on-site storage needs

  • Air-conditioned units 

  • Equipped with power utilities

  • Available Porta cabins for labour accommodation, Ablution blocks, etc.

  • Large capacity filter bowl, 2” extraction point and overfill warning indicator.

  • Supplied with integral venting, large capacity integrated tundish and extraction point, removable strainer and lockable lid.

  • Capacity (litres): 1453

Storage Solutions
Power & Air Solutions
  • Output ranging from 10 – 800 kVA

  • Excellent access for maintenance

  • Lifting points on base frame for easy transportability

  • 185 cfm - 900 cfm

  • Pressures ranging from 4.9 - 22.4 (100 - 359) bar (psi)

  • Maximum Pressure: Upto 28 (406) bar (psi).

  • Fuel Consumption @ 2500rpm: 10 - 65 litres/hr

  • Outlet Sizes : 0.5 - 3 inches.

  • Operating Pressure:  7 to 22.0 barg

  • Inlet Flow Rate: 1600 cfm @ 10 bar G or 3000 cfm @ 22 barg

  • Chassis Four point crash frame c/w fork lift pockets

  • Connections: 3 Inch ANSI # 150

Lighting Solutions
Tube Bundle Cleaning
Filtration Solutions

Sales, Fabrication, Assembly and Maintenance Services

With the substantial fleet ACTION constantly modernize to meet the dynamic industry requirements, ACTION's supply chain has developed a widespread supplier base with each supplier undergoing a stringent pre-qualification process to ensure that quality and safety standards have been met.

ACTION is therefore well suited to act as an external supply arm in relation to purchasing a wide range of products depending on client requirements, including but not limited to the asset base which can be found in the Rental section.

Moreover, ACTION's core is built on a foundation of engineering which is geared towards the ability to provide bespoke solutions to clients - from initial engineering through to final delivery. 

Whether the requirement is a packaged pumping solution, fabrication of a filter skid, fabrication of a tank, a silt curtain customized to a specific project requirement or any other bespoke requirement, ACTION is on hand to support with decades of industry experience, top of the line engineering and a customer-centric mindset.

Need assistance finding the right solution?

Tell us your requirements and get right solutions delivered to your email.

Pipeline Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Pipeine Cleaning, Nitrogen Purging

Pipeline & Process

Chemical Cleaning, High Pressure Cleaning, Hydrojetting, Bundle Puller, Bundle Cleaners


Overpumping, Sewage overpumping, Rain water flooding, drainage bypass pumping


Ground dewatering, deep well system, well-point systm, submersible pumps, sheet piling, chemical flushing


Water treatment, media filtraton, reverse osmosis


cold cutting, hydro demolition, vessel ballasting, offshore pump hire

Marine & Offshore

Other Services

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