Municipal Services

ACTION are the region's leading municipal support service provider, offering extensive support throughout all phases of municipal activity, such as initial pipeline isolation, by-pass pumping during critical maintenance and new connections and emergency flood response services. 

We take pride in finding the most efficient and cost effective methods to solve these critical high risk projects. 

Our Services

  • Sewerage Bypass Pumping

    ACTION provide temporary sewerage bypass & diversion solutions for pipeline / plant maintenance activities, new pipeline tie-ins and wet well/lifting station cleaning.


    ACTiON's engineered pumping solutions cater to varying high and low sewerage flows, ensuring fuel efficeny throughout.


  • Drainage Bypass Pumping

    Storm water and Irrigation networks require regular support during critical maintenance works to pipelines and plants, or flow reductions during high demands.


    ACTION are on hand to design and execute short and long distance pumping solutions.  

  • Seawater Intake

    ACTION specializes in supply, installation, operation & maintenance of temporary or permanent sea water intake pumping systems for treatment plants, power plants and other industrial and sea water intake applications.

  • HDPE Works

    ACTION has extensive experience in the supply and on site installation of above ground or buried HDPE pipe work or accessories for temporary or permanent fluid transfer applications.

    More information can be found on the Construction Page.

  • Flooding Emergency Response

    With a varied fleet capacity of submersible/ surface pumps and accessories, ACTION specializes in storm-water season clogging pumping and emergency flood response pumping operations.

  • Pipeline Shutdown Dewatering 

    ACTION provide bespoke engineered isolation, dewatering, drying solutions for small and large volume pipelines to facilitate tie-in connections, line cleaning, line inspections etc.

  • Leak & Pressure Testing

    With a fleet of large flow capacity and high pressure pumps, ACTION is equipped to perform leak testing and pressure testing an small and large diameter utility lines among, various other pipeline pre-commissioning services.

  • Chlorination & Disinfection


    Domestic building lines, larger dia utility lines, sewerage wet wells or network manholes, can all be disinfected by ACTION with tailor made pumping and dosing systems,


    ACTION are able to provide reliable chlorination and disinfection services in full adherence to local regulatory authority standards.

  • Monitoring & Control

    Action provides advanced, remote monitoring, control and automation solutions for various fluid applications that could reduce manpower costs and avoid human monitoring errors at sites.


    These solutions also enhance the visibility and site awareness among the stake holders of the project.

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