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ActionCube – Versatile
(ACV 450L – 10000L)

     The actionCUBE Versatile Range is designed with a unique 3 tier component system. This structure is composed of a main lid for easy access, a primary inner tank and a surrounding outer tank which offers an additional layer of protection. It also features galvanized stacking corners and a large and easily accessible equipment    compartment for the safe securing of dispensing nozzles and a number of other refueling accessories (pumps, hose reels etc).

         The actionCUBE Road Tow Tank Range has been engineered to secure directly onto a designated single axle and twin axle road tow trailer and can carry volumes ranging from 450L to 3000L. Can be supplied with a bespoke trailer that includes connection ports designed to ensure optimum stability and safety when transporting any hazardous fuels and materials.

ActionCube –

Road Tow
(AC RT 450L – 3000L)


Secure and portable fuel storage tanks with dispensing /distribution equipment chamber. 


Access Manways allows easy inner tank access for routine maintenance inspection and cleaning.



Stackable and Rackable in containers for quick and easy deployment worldwide.


Engineered to ensure transportation of industrial lubricants and hazardous materials. Comes with features for deployment on large trucks and shipping vessels.

BlueCube – Dual Fuel Tank

        The BlueCube Bunded Tank (BCV-15-2D ) is a dual fuel tank that is best suited for refuelling industrial machines and vehicles with tier 4 engines. It comes equipped with a 1550L fully bunded diesel tank compartment and a 200L fully bunded Adblue/DEF tank compartment as standard. These two tanks are combined under one overall 2000L outer protection tank and the tank can be easily secured onto a dedicated twin axle trailer for safe and easy transportation.

     The FuelTainer Range comes equipped with a spacious equipment chamber and is constructed with a practical flow forge floor that allows for excellent spillage control. This model offers dual doors with a 3 point precision locking system to ensure maximum security and the inner tank is fully removable if required. It can be easily adapted for multiple tank connections. 

Fueltainer– Versatile
(FT 27000L – 60000L)

Fuelpod – Versatile
(FP 2600L – 9000L)

    Adaptable and robust, steel bunded fuel storage tank with dispensing equipment chamber.
Designed with medium to large stationary bulk fueling requirements in mind, the FuelPod Range of steel bunded storage tanks come equipped with a number of innovative and industry changing features to maximize both safety and ease of use at all times.
    The walk in compartment door allows easy and convenient access when filling and dispensing fuel.

    The SiteCube Versatile Tank comes complete and fully painted. The primary hatch lid opens onto a component ports plate. This plate in turn doubles up in design to act as a manhole cover. The SiteCube Versatile also comes complete with two galvanized hatch lids and galvanized stacking corners.

SiteCube Versatile
(SCV 500L – 2000L)

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