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Dubai Water Canal

The scope of works involved transferring over 5.5 million cubic meters of hypersaline water standing within the Business Bay lagoons (8 Lagoons) a distance of over 6km through the city of Dubai to a newly constructed man made peninsula located at JUMEIRAH beach.

The Hypersaline water is then blended with sea water from the Arabian Gulf within a purpose built mixing basin to reduce the salinity of the discharge water to within 2 PSU above baseline levels. The water was then pumped from the mixing basin through twin 1,000mm diffuser pipes designed to ensure further dilution. The discharge plume was then further diluted by ambient seawater through tidal currents to achieve a mean salinity (<42psu) The effect of the effluent discharged was actively monitored by Water Quality Buoys located at different distances (50m, 150m, 300m and 2km) from the point of discharge. Upon completion of emptying lagoon B of hypersaline water the lagoons was refilled with a mix of both sea/creek water using high capacity pumps and series of siphons.


Cubic Meter of Hyper-saline water blended with sea water


Water quality monitoring probes (TDS, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH and Turbidity)


Pumps (24 submersible and 23 high capacity)

Project Gallery

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