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Jeddah Stormwater Drainage - Excavation & Dewatering

This project was located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The excavation and pipeline works were carried out by Eastern Trading & Cont. Est. The scope of work included design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a dewatering operation to enable the client to efficiently and safely excavate for pipeline installation and to keep the excavation dry for construction of manholes and junction boxes.

Action engineered a sump pumping system consisting of a combination of high and low capacity electrical sump pumps from Mody Pumps (models 902-1002), along with power supply systems and discharge networks. Due to the nature of the project sufficient back-up systems were integrated into the design to ensure 24/7 continuity of dewatering works, and to ensure the safety of the contractors equipment and staff working within the excavation. Due to a mainly coral based soil structure, ensuring system flexibility was vital to the success of the project. The unpredictability of the ground conditions required additional pumps to always be available to overcome the significant increase in flow in certain areas where cavities and fissures were common. At the peak of the project there were 250 pumps installed, pumping approximately 600,000m3 a day. Action established a workshop on site to further streamline the maintenance and repair of equipment with Mody Pumps technical back up and assistance increasing turnaround time and ensuring there was always a stock of equipment to suit the client’s needs. The maximum excavation varied from 5-7m bgl and the width of the excavation was 10m. The total length of excavations was 21km, giving a total area to be excavated of 210,000m2.


Pumps Utilized


Cubic Meters per Day


Square Meters Excavated

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