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Site Engineer

Job Reference:




Job Type :

Full Time

Key Accountabilities:

Supervise and coordinate execution of operational work for sites (5-10) assigned from handover up to project closure including mobilization, procurement, Installation, commissioning and monitoring as contract scope.

Documentation, collection formalities for equipment & material inclusive of segregation of material into reusable, rework and disposal.

Coordinate daily operations work for multiple sites and progress of all which must be reported on a daily basis to the Line Manager.

Produce daily site reports for each job and highlight potential delays and issues as appropriate including any additional damage reports, safety violations and deviations from project scope.

Diligently monitor works assigned for resources on site and establish efficient means to optimize utilization and minimize overtime and other costs.

Responsible for all action assets, resources and the utilization and allocation for these in an efficient and optimal manner.

Serves as a single point of contact for all site operation related aspects for the Line Manager as well as the Operations team assigned.

Key requirements for the role:

  • Degree in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or equivalent from an internationally recognized University.

  • Experience in a Construction or Engineering industry with high turnover and activity.

  • Experience in supervising multiple Construction projects.

  • Minimum 3 years of related work experience.

  • Knowledge in Groundwater control is a plus.

  • Knowledge of Microsoft applications.

  • Ability to set clear priorities, delegate, and guide personnel at multiple sites.

  • Demonstrate absolute conformance in preparing system history reports on a daily basis accurately and record all project activities accurately in the Resource Management System.

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