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Pipeline & Process

  • Pipeline Cleaning 

  • Pipeline Gauging 

  • Pipeline Filling (Flooding) 

  • Hydro-testing 

  • Dewatering 

  • Filtration & Disinfection 

  • Flange Management

  • Dewatering & Drying 

  • Leak Testing

  • Purging/Inerting 

Delivering the smartest solutions to the toughest fluid challenges on the planet

Presence in 6 Countries









23+ years of Experience

Engineering is Who We Are

Engineering is at the core of every ACTION solution.


From the initial comprehension of the problem to designing of the solution, through to project management and delivery, ACTION employs innovative software and a best in class engineering team to provide our customers with true value and assured delivery.

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Ready for Action

At ACTION, we closely work with our clients to truly comprehend their requirement.

We put the project first, and look to create value in every instance, with an emphasis on optimal system design, real time system behavioural analysis, reliability in performance and predictive & preventative maintenance measures to actively manage every project we deliver.

In addition, our 24 hour rapid response team is always ready to respond when called upon.

Technology at Our Core

With real time dashboards across all functions, the implementation of IoT (Internet of Things) based remote management systems and predictive analytics on critical asset classes, at ACTION - technology really is a core value.

Technology is something we are extremely passionate about as technology breeds innovation, and our commitment to continuous innovation is a key factor which differentiates us. 

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